class HexaPDF::Layout::Style::LinkLayer


The LinkLayer class provides support for linking to in-document or remote destinations for Style objects using link annotations. Typical use cases would be linking to a (named) destination on a different page or executing a URI action.

See: PDF1.7 s12.5.6.6, Layers, HexaPDF::Type::Annotations::Link

Public Class Methods

new(dest: nil, uri: nil, file: nil, border: false, border_color: nil)

Creates a new LinkLayer object.

The following arguments are allowed (note that only one of dest, uri or file may be specified):


The destination array or a name of a named destination for in-document links.


The URI to link to.


The file that should be opened or, if it refers to an application, the application that should be launched. Can either be a string or a Filespec object. Also see: HexaPDF::Type::FileSpecification.


If set to true, a standard border is used. Also accepts an array that adheres to the rules for annotation borders.


Defines the border color. Can be an array with 0 (transparent), 1 (grayscale), 3 (RGB) or 4 (CMYK) values.

Examples: [page, :XYZ, nil, nil, nil], border: true) "", border: [5 5 2])

Public Instance Methods

call(canvas, box)

Creates the needed link annotation if possible, i.e. if the context of the canvas is a page.