class HexaPDF::Type::AcroForm::Field


Field dictionaries are used to define the properties of form fields of AcroForm objects.

Fields can be organized in a hierarchy using the /Kids and /Parent keys, for namespacing purposes and to set default values. Those fields that have other fields as children are called non-terminal fields, otherwise they are called terminal fields.

See: PDF1.7 s12.7.3.1



List of inheritable fields.

Public Instance Methods


Returns the value for the entry name.

If name is an inheritable value and the value has not been set on this field object, its value is retrieved from the parent fields.

See: Dictionary#[]

Calls superclass method Dictionary#[]

Returns the type of the field, either :Btn (pushbuttons, check boxes, radio buttons), :Tx (text fields), :Ch (scrollable list boxes, combo boxes) or :Sig (signature fields).


Returns the full name of the field or nil if no name is set.

The full name of a field is constructed using the full name of the parent field, a period and the partial name of the field.


Form fields must always be indirect objects.


Returns true if this is a terminal field.