class HexaPDF::Type::FontType1


Represents a Type1 font.

PDF provides 14 built-in fonts that all PDF readers must understand. These 14 fonts are known as the “Standard 14 Fonts” and are all Type1 fonts. HexaPDF supports these fonts.

Public Instance Methods


Returns the bounding box of the font or nil if it is not found.

Calls superclass method HexaPDF::Type::Font#bounding_box

Returns true if the font is a symbolic font, false if it is not, and nil if it is not known.

Calls superclass method HexaPDF::Type::FontSimple#symbolic?

Returns the unscaled width of the given code point in glyph units, or 0 if the width for the code point is missing.

Calls superclass method HexaPDF::Type::FontSimple#width