HexaPDF 0.14.0 - Interactive Forms Improvements Published on

This release mainly improves the already existing AcroForm support. Creating appearances for list boxes, multiline text fields and comb text fields is now supported. So only the appearance creation for push buttons is still missing.

The AcroForm API was also improved to make it easier and simpler to create new form fields. Behind the scenes the automatic creation of appearances where needed was improved to avoid creating unnecessary PDF objects.

There were also a few fixes and changes to improve the handling of damaged or invalid PDF files. So now a still wider range of those files can be processed successfully.

And the hexapdf split command gained support for splitting by page size. Based on questions asked in online forums this functionality seems to be needed especially in the legal field to separate the pages of a PDF into one with only Letter and one with only Legal pages.

As always, have a look at the changelog for an overview of all changes.