HexaPDF 0.6.0 - Code Refinements Published on

The last release brought some cool new features with respect to advanced text layout. This release builds on that and refines the implementation for future features.

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The supported text and box styling properties have been greatly expanded (also see the expanded styling example):

  • Boxes now support CSS-like padding, margins and borders as well as background colors. And since the inline boxes are now based on a proper box implementation, they can use these new styles, too!

  • Text fragments now support text color and opacity, text rendering modes (e.g. only showing the text outlines), superscript, subscript, underlining and strikeout.

Additonally, boxes as well as text fragments now support pre-defined and custom underlays/overlays. This is the basis for the implemented support for links to other pages, external files and URIs.

Apart from these layout related changes, support for some types of PDF actions and annotations has been added, e.g. the action for opening an URI and the link annotation type.

As always, have a look at the changelog for an overview of all changes. And if you have a request, drop me an e-mail or open an issue!

Last but not least, I have not yet decided on which parts I will be working on in the coming months. So if you need some functionality sooner than later, head over to my patreon page to fill out the poll!
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