HexaPDF 0.23.0 Published on

This release contains changes and additions across many different parts of HexaPDF. It also includes breaking changes with respect to the main HexaPDF::Document class as well as for HexaPDF::Layout::TextBox:

  • During the reworking of the revision handling it became clear that a breaking change for the main document class was necessary so as to make it harder to create an invalid PDF document.

  • The text box now uses the whole available width/height when aligning to the center or right/bottom. If this was not done, the text would not appear to be correctly aligned.

Among the other changes are the new ability of hexapdf modify to remove or flatten annotations and a new convenience class for creating and working with destination objects (think: in-document links).

The documentation side saw the addition of a howto page on migrating from Prawn. This howto shows, among other things, a full example in Prawn and HexaPDF and a mapping from Prawn methods to equivalent HexaPDF methods.

And also with respect to the documentation the HexaPDF::Layout::Style documentation has been updated to include visual examples.

As always, have a look at the changelog for an overview of all changes.