HexaPDF 0.20.0 - Digital Signatures Published on

The big, new feature of this release is the support for digital signatures! Signing a document is now as easy as invoking HexaPDF::Document#sign and providing the few necessary arguments like the certificate and private key. Also have a look at the Signing PDFs howto guide for getting started!

In addition to adding one or more digital signatures to a PDF document, reading and validating - in a very basic way - of signatures is also supported. And information about digital signatures is shown when invoking the hexapdf info command on a PDF.

Aside from digital signatures there were some improvements when working with interactive forms and annotations, like a convenience method for creating an appearance.

Since working with digital signatures involves stressing the incremental writing facilities, some bugs were fixed and the output optimized (i.e. the number of objects needed for the added revision was further reduced). There was one bug that led to creating invalid PDF files when using incremental writing together with the optimize: true option; so updating is recommended!

As always, have a look at the changelog for an overview of all changes.