HexaPDF 0.10.0 and New Website Published on

This minor release brings some enhancements to the hexapdf command line application: more information when listing images with the hexapdf images command and a completely revamped hexapdf inspect command with much more functionality. If you wanna see the inspection command in action, have a look the “Analysing PDFs” how-to guide.

There are also bug fixes for various reported problems, most notably for loading and saving of encrypted and signed PDFs and for handling unknown/wrongly structured PDF objects better.

As always, have a look at the changelog for an overview of all changes.

In addition to these changes to the library, you might have noticed already that HexaPDF also got a new website:

  • HexaPDF now finally has a logo that was inspired by Adobe’s PDF logo as well as hexagons (naturally) - yeah!

  • The documentation part of the website has been restructured and extended to make it easier to find what you need. There are now tutorials, key topics and how-to guides well as a reference section (n.b. restructured in 2022). These sections will be filled with more content in the future.

  • The styling of the website has also been adjusted. For example, there are now table of content menus for most pages and a breadcrumb trail for navigation.

All in all the website should provide a better experience now. If you find problems or have suggestions, please report them - thank you!