HexaPDF 0.17.0 Published on

This release brings a breaking change, a variety of small updates as well as the new hexapdf fonts CLI command.

Due to the way AcroForm check boxes were handled a breaking change was necessary to fully fix check box handling and support multiple check box widgets with different values.

Aside from that breaking change there were many updates and bug fixes to the AcroForm implementation to make it more consistent and robust against invalid PDF files.

The new hexapdf fonts command enables listing of the fonts used by a PDF file. It can list either all fonts in a PDF or just those used on specific pages.

On the documentation side of things I started updating the API documentation and providing more examples. By hooking into RDoc and using HexaPDF itself most of these examples are now also executed during the generation of the API documentation. What this means is that you will find an image of the resulting PDF as well as a link to the PDF underneath the example code!

The HexaPDF::Content::Canvas class was a natural place to start this documentation update. See HexaPDF::Content::Canvas#polygon or HexaPDF::Content::GraphicObject::Arc#cy for how this makes the documentation better. I will update the rest of the classes in the coming months, so expect more changes in this regard.

As always, have a look at the changelog for an overview of all changes.