module HexaPDF::Content::LineJoinStyle

Defines all available line join styles as constants. Each line join style is an instance of NamedValue, see ::normalize For use with e.g. Canvas#line_join_style.

See: PDF2.0 s8.4.3.4



The two segments are finished with butt caps and the space between the ends is filled with a triangle.

Specify as 2 or :bevel.


The outer lines of the two segments continue until they meet at an angle.

Specify as 0 or :miter.


An arc of a circle is drawn around the point where the segments meet.

Specify as 1 or :round.

Public Class Methods


Returns the argument normalized to a valid line join style, i.e. a NamedValue instance.

  • 0 or :miter can be used for the MITER_JOIN style.

  • 1 or :round can be used for the ROUND_JOIN style.

  • 2 or :bevel can be used for the BEVEL_JOIN style.

  • Otherwise an error is raised.