class HexaPDF::Layout::PageStyle


A PageStyle defines the initial look of a page and the placement of one or more frames.



The HexaPDF::Layout::Frame object that defines the area on the page where content should be placed.

This can either be set beforehand or during execution of the template.

If no frame has been set, a frame covering the page except for a default margin on all sides is set during create_page.


Defines the name of the page style that should be used for the next page.

If this attribute is nil (the default), it means that this style should be used again.


The page orientation, either :portrait or :landscape.

Only used if page_size is one of the predefined page sizes and not an array.


The page size.

Can be any valid predefined page size (see HexaPDF::Type::Page::PAPER_SIZE) or an array

llx, lly, urx, ury

specifying a custom page size.


style.page_size = :A4
style.page_size = [0, 0, 200, 200]

A callable object that defines the initial content of a page created with create_page.

The callable object is given a canvas and the page style as arguments. It needs to draw the initial content of the page. Note that the graphics state of the canvas is not saved before executing the template code and restored afterwards. If this is needed, the object needs to do it itself.

Furthermore it should set the frame and next_style attributes appropriately, if not done beforehand. The create_frame method can be used for easily creating a rectangular frame.


page_style.template = lambda do |canvas, style
  box =
  canvas.fill_color("fd0") do
    canvas.rectangle(0, 0, box.width, box.height).fill
  style.frame = style.create_frame(canvas.context, 72)

Public Class Methods

new(page_size: :A4, orientation: :portrait, next_style: nil, &block)

Creates a new page style instance for the given page size, orientation and next style values. If a block is given, it is used as template for defining the initial content.

Example: :Letter) do |canvas, style|
  style.frame = style.create_frame(canvas.context, 72)
  style.next_style = :other
  canvas.fill_color("fd0") {, 100, 50).fill }

Public Instance Methods

create_frame(page, margin = 36)

Creates a frame based on the given page’s box and margin.

The margin can be any value allowed by HexaPDF::Layout::Style::Quad#set.

Note: This is a helper method for use inside the template callable.


Creates a new page in the given document with this page style and returns it.

If frame has not been set beforehand or during execution of the template, a default frame covering the whole page except a margin of 36 is created.