class HexaPDF::Type::Names


Represents the PDF’s names dictionary which associates names with data for various purposes.

Each field corresponds to a name tree that holds the information and can be used to find, add or delete an entry.

This dictionary is linked via the /Names entry from the HexaPDF::Catalog.

See: PDF2.0 s7.7.4, HexaPDF::Catalog, HexaPDF::NameTreeNode

Field Definitions

NameType/Allowed ValuesRequiredDefault Value
DestsHexaPDF::NameTreeNode or Hashfalsenil
APHexaPDF::NameTreeNode or Hashfalsenil
JavaScriptHexaPDF::NameTreeNode or Hashfalsenil
PagesHexaPDF::NameTreeNode or Hashfalsenil
TemplatesHexaPDF::NameTreeNode or Hashfalsenil
IDSHexaPDF::NameTreeNode or Hashfalsenil
URLSHexaPDF::NameTreeNode or Hashfalsenil
EmbeddedFilesHexaPDF::NameTreeNode or Hashfalsenil
AlternatePresentationsHexaPDF::NameTreeNode or Hashfalsenil
RenditionsHexaPDF::NameTreeNode or Hashfalsenil

Public Instance Methods


Returns the destinations name tree containing a mapping from names to destination objects.

The name tree will be created if needed.

Note: It is possible to use this name tree directly, but HexaPDF::Document::Destinations provides a much easier to work with convenience interface for working with destination objects.

See: PDF2.0 s12.3.2