class HexaPDF::Content::Processor::CompositeBox


Represents a box composed of GlyphBox objects.

The bounding box methods lower_left, lower_right, upper_left, upper_right are computed by just using the first and last boxes, assuming the boxes are arranged from left to right in a straight line.



The glyph boxes contained in this composite box object.

Public Class Methods


Creates an empty object.

Public Instance Methods


Appends the given text glyph box.


Returns the glyph box at the given index, or nil if the index is out of range.

each {|glyph_box| block} → composite
each → Enumerator

Iterates over all contained glyph boxes.

lower_left → [llx, lly]

Returns the lower left coordinate

lower_right → [lrx, lry]

Returns the lower right coordinate


Returns the concatenated text of all the glyph boxes.

upper_left → [ulx, uly]

Returns the upper left coordinate

upper_right → [urx, ury]

Returns the upper right coordinate.