module HexaPDF::DigitalSignature::Signing

This module contains everything related to the signing of a PDF document, i.e. signing handlers and the actual code for signing.

Public Class Methods

embed_signature(io, signature)

Embeds the given signature into the /Contents value of the newest signature dictionary of the PDF document given by the io argument.

This functionality can be used together with the support for external signing (see DefaultHandler and DefaultHandler#external_signing) to implement asynchronous signing.

Note: This will, most probably, only work on documents prepared for external signing by HexaPDF and not by other libraries.

locate_signature_dict(xref_section, start_xref_position, signature_oid)

Uses the information in the given cross-reference section as well as the byte offset of the cross-reference section to calculate the offset and length of the signature dictionary with the given object id.

replace_signature_contents(signature_data, contents)

Replaces the value of the /Contents key in the serialized signature_data with the value of contents.