class HexaPDF::Type::Annotations::Widget::MarkerStyle


Describes the marker style of a check box or radio button widget.



A device color object representing the color of the marker - see HexaPDF::Content::ColorSpace.


The size of the marker in PDF points that is shown inside the widget. The special value 0 means that the marker should be auto-sized based on the widget’s rectangle.


The kind of marker that is shown inside the widget. Can either be one of the symbols :check, :circle, :cross, :diamond, :square or :star, or a one character string. The latter is interpreted using the ZapfDingbats font.

If an empty string is set, it is treated as if nil was set, i.e. it shows the default marker for the field type.

Public Class Methods

new(style, size, color)

Creates a new instance with the given values.